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Travellers are an important source of folk music throughout the world and the same applies in Scotland where travelling folk are largely associated with gypsy or roving families. In the past they, like the purveyors of Bothy Ballads, would travel as a community from rural fair and other agricultural events to work the harvests and planting. Their way of life was one of freedom where at the camp at night they would gather round the fire and relate the old stories about the ballads to the children and sing them among the group, thus their way of life was preserved in song.

Today most Scottish folk singers in admiration will have at least one ballad belonging to the tradition in their repertoire. Sadly our modern age with its control over land and restriction of free movement is bringing the old travelling way of life to an end. Fortunately, sufficient interest and care has been taken by enthusiasts and academics to preserve for posterity recordings of the travellers unique canon. Some of the great exponents of this music are here listed. For further information, if there is someone missing who you believe should be included please let us know by e-mail:

    1. Jeanie Robertson
    2. Hamish Henderson
    3. Sheila Stewart
    4. Archie Fisher
    5. Dick Gaughan
    6. Jean Redpath
    7. Sheena Wellington
    8. Margaret Bennett
    9. Belle Stewart
    10. Carol Laula
    11. Margaret Stewart
    12. Lizzie Higgens

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