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Scotland's Traditional music contains legends and stories of how the native population lived, loved and died. Cherished folk memories about the nature of being human preserved by generations of conscientious bards, priests and musicians are as popular among Scots today as they have always been. Singers, harpers, flautists, drummers, pipers, fiddlers, accordionists and guitarists continue to enthrall audiences around the campfire under the stars or in the setting of modern dance and luxurious concert halls.

Classical music reflects the sentiments of church, state and court. Beginning around the time of Columba's mission to Iona in the 6th century, it has been maintained by generations of monks, scholars and nobility. Today national companies RSNO, Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet ensure that classical music continues to enlighten Scottish culture.

Bagpipes are a unique force of nature that embodies the very essence of Scotland; vibrant, courageous, passionate, seductive, spirited and gloriously toned. Whether your taste be Folk, Country Dance, Gaelic, Doric, Shetland Fiddle, Travelers Tales or the Bothy Ballads; Scottish traditional music is the rich legacy of century's of human experience. Within these pages are a celebration of music culture, location and history - the achievement of the Scottish spirit.


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