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Turnaround is a musical comedy written for stage, screen, radio or CD production that consolidates a cycle of songs by linking them with scenes of drama. First performed as a stage revue at the inaugural Aberdeen Alternative Arts Festival in 1983 it was acclaimed by critics as "an inspiration for free thinkers everywhere. A few years later it was made into a video production that was regularly screened by Clyde Cable Vision, but in it's most recent incarnation both stage and film have been amalgamated into an audio experience.

Set in the early 1980's over a period of 24 hours in the life of the small Scottish community of Bawheadie, Turnaround tells a story of power, politics and popularity and their influence over ordinary people. When proposals to build a nuclear bomb shelter for government staff and officials beside an ancient fairy glen threaten to raise objections about environmental and social effects, Madge Trot, a political aspirant and sponsor of the project uses sex, cops and rock 'n roll at the annual Gala celebrations to sway local views. However, the appearance of Bowtie Boogie, a mysterious entertainer coupled with the discovery of a strange meteorite dubbed 'understandomite' contributes to Madge's plan to manipulate public opinion going sour with disastrous consequences for all.

During the lifetime of Turnaround it has entertained many throughout Scotland and abroad with it's lively songs and intriguing plot, all have been enriched by the experience. Both controversial and entertaining Turnaround is a fine social comment and 'understandomite' an antidote for mundanity and a ray of light on the troubled mind.

The accompanying CD contains 19 tracks of original songs from the soundtrack, available for sale. All enquiries about the CD, script or information relating to this project can be had by emailing me direct.

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