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Corrina Blackwood vocals on Friendly Fire

The Road to Metaluna is a series of demo recordings of original blues, rock and soul songs featuring various musician friends including: Bill McCrae sax on The Road to Metaluna and vocals on Social Rap also Corrina Blackwoods enchanting vocals on Steve 'Digger' Cox's apocalyptic poem Friendly Fire; Davie Cattanach & Jonny Hardie of the 'Old Blind Dogs' added their harmonies to Fingals Folly, and Clydebank poet Dougie Hamilton co-wrote Social rap. The album was recorded between January and June 1994 and several songs feature in later studio recordings. As well as being a thoroughly entertaining collection it is also a clear indication of a songwriter of quality.

Tracks include: Social Rap, Fingals Folly, New Horizons, Old Forgotten Songs, Thank You Girl, Sister Moonshine, Friendly Fire, Katmandu Blues, and The Road to Metaluna.

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