by David Shannon

Is a collection of well loved Scottish songs, some that span 400 years of continuous and popular performance among Scots and their kin.

While the melodies and vernacular have remained faithful to the tradition, the music is arranged contemporary with today's popular tastes so that they are accessible and enjoyable for audiences unfamiliar with Scotland's ancient music culture as well as others seeking variation on the traditional theme.

The chosen authors are luminaries in the history of Scottish song whose work has endured by the merit of continuous popular recitation by Scots since their first publication. They include: Scotland's national bard Robert Burns, James Hogg the Ettrick shepherd and Robert Tannahill the Paisley weaver among others. To ensure gender balance the female influence comes via Caroline Oliphant otherwise known as Lady Nairne the legendary Jacobite heroine and also Miss Jane Elliot. They are a sample taken from the myriad of composers of genius that exist within the history of this small nation that invented the modern world.

Also included are four modern Scottish songs that retain the Scots tradition of describing, nature, landscape, love, adventure, joy, tragedy and the heart felt emotions they invoke: Wild Swans, Fingal's Folly, The Island and Forest Flowers.

Dave Shannon Photo by Kathleen McNulty and Wharholiad by Dave

Vocals, noises, Washburn 12 string acoustic & Fender Strat electric guitars, Jaws Harp, Moothie, Keyboards, Drum Programing, Percussion, Web design and Artwork.

Special Guests

Andy Burt: Percussion on A Man's A Man, Wild Swans, Killiecrankie & The Bonniest Lass in the World.

Stuart Wilson: Lead guitar on A Man's A Man.

Phil Petherbridge: Mandolin on Gloomy Winter's

Friends, Kindred & Ancestors: Undying spirit and universal inspiration.

Produced and engineered in my Glasgow home September - December 2004.

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The Songs

A Man's A Man (Robert Burns late 18th c) 4.33

Annie Laurie (Mr Douglass of Finglas, 17th c)3.24

Killiecrankie (James Hogg early 19th c) 3.21

Up in the Mornin Early (J Hamilton early 19th c) 4.59

Wild Swans (D Shannon late 20th c) 4.18

Fingals Folly (D Shannon late 20th c) 2.33

Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa (R Tannahill early 19th c) 3.02

Jamie Raeburn's Farewell (Trad Early 19th c) 3.33

The Island (D Shannon late 20th c) 4.44

Jock Stewart (J Stewart early 20th c) 2.36

Forest Flowers (D Shannon 21st c adapt of 18th c lyrics by Mrs Cockburn of Ormiston & Miss Jane Elliot) 4.29

The Bonniest Lass in a' the World (Trad 16th c) 4.33

Come under my Plaidie (Hector MacNeill 1746 - 1818) 4.05

The Rowan Tree (Lady Nairne Early 19th c) 4.06

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Kail-yard (kale-yard) a cabbage patch or kitchen garden, usually attached to a cottage. Also a term applied to writers of a 20th century class of fiction, describing with much use of the vernacular, common life in Scotland. (K Wittig)

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"It's got the most upbeat feeling. I didn't realise I was sad until you cheered me up." Davy Cattanach, Pictones Aberdeen

"Love it to bits, words can't describe how good I feel about this music" Dave McNulty, Glasgow

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