released 2004
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The Songs

1 Good Times 3:43. 7 Dancing Hat 4:20.
2 Giro 3:21. 8 Sometimes 4:21.
3 Yesterday Eyes 5:15. 9 Sauchiehall St 4:40.
4 Lost Tribes 3:04. 10 Nighthawkin 4.13.
5 Friendly Fire 3:25. 11 Angel 4:07.
6 One Way Street 3:41.
(c) scotsmusic 2004

Dave Shannon

A thinking person's music from the cannon of one of Scotlands home grown talents. This CD weaves an eclectic mix of fine musical and lyrical content on themes of love, war and peace. Songs such as 'Friendly Fire' and 'Lost Tribes' stand alongside any anti-war song of note, listen up to their thought provoking political content. Wallow in the moody urban vibe of 'Sauchiehall Street' or 'Sometimes', and for sweet love content, groove with 'Yesterday Eyes', 'Angel' and 'One Way Street'. For the discerning ear 'dubldunt is an altogether must have CD to treasure. (katy Caldwell)

This collection of songs was recorded in a cold Glasgow during the winter 2003-04. The ingredients were a warm fire, patience, perseverence, madness, whisky and passion: Equipment used; Boss 10 track digital machine, 2 old acoustic guitars; 3 congas, dodgy drums, cheap mikes; a battered bass, iffy leads, boggin' moothies and an all-star confusion of friends and associates. The end result is somewhere between the sublime and ridiculous but never boring. To listen to mp3's click on the relevant active track. To contact me, question lyrics or order your very own copy of this rare piece of work at the amazing bargain price of £5 + p&p! then send me an email.


Andy Burt: perc Lost Tribes Freedom Songs & Broken Promises.
Kate McNulty: Backing vocals on Good Times & Sauchiehall Street.
Davy Cattanach: Percussion & Backing Vocals on Good Times.

Mowgli Collie Dog: Lead Howl on Broken Promises.
Steve 'Digger' Cox. words on Friendly Fire
Annie Campbell:: co-lyrics on Yesterday Eyes.
Allison Rintoul: Sax Appeal on Dancing Hat.
Dougie Hamilton: co-lyrics on Dancing Hat.
Sarge McKerlich: Co-lyrics on Politicians Tomb.
Gerri Stenson: Co-lyrics on Sometimes.



"Palm tree pulses and hill billy breaks, I like the style." Neil Cairney, Brahmin. Aberdeen.

This album is dedicated to innocence suffering in a guilty world. Also to the memory of my mother Jenny Shannon for her inspiration, support, peace and unconditional love.

Special thanks to: friends, family & ancestors; kindred spirits throughout the world and universal inspiration.

Slainte mhath! DS Glasgow August 2004.


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