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Dave Shannon

Davy Cattanach





Mark Alexander


Dave Arcari

Ballad of Crows

Maureen Beattie

Corrina Blackwood

Lenny Bright

Andy Burt

Neil Cairney

Nicky Cairney

Anne Campbell

Rhiannon Campbell

Carlton Jug Band

Carlton Studios


Davy Cattanach

Anais Cochez

Felix Cochez

Ivan Coghill

Coila Ceilidh Band

Malcolm Conwill

Carola Cosimini

Gemma Cosimini

Steve Cox

Fiona Cuthill

Cosima Danoritzer

Day of Days

Marie Donnelly

Eileen Farrelly

Chas Fraser

Graeme Gass

Annie Grace

Scott Graham

Jonny Hardie

Sara Hargreaves

Fiona Henderson

Heather Innes

Aaron Jones

Sofie Jonsson

Carol Laula

Amy Lee

The Low Fliers

Bobby Lokat

Nancy MacAdam

Jimmie MacGregor

Neil MacLean

Gavin Marwick

Ken McCluskey

Carolyn McGoldrick

Paul McLaughlin

Kathleen McNulty

Bill McRae

Sue McRae Bickle

John Mitchell

John Morrison

Sheila Murdoch

Nick Murray

Stewart Nichol

Lesley O'Brian

Esther O'Connor

Old Blind Dogs

Miles O'Neil

Kim Paterson

Carol Pert

Phil Petherbridge

Raymond Pettigrew



Allison Rintoul

Gordon Rintoul

Mhairi Ross

Dave Shannon

Paul Shevlane

Clarke Shearer

Peter Stott

Davie Tait

Raymy Travers

The Tremens

Up In The Air

Kenny Wale

Lindsay Welsh

Stuart Wilson


The Yakbow Orchestra

Chas F Clarke Shearer

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