Carola Cosimini


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Though it may sound like I'm a Latin I'm born and bred in Scotland. My mother and language is Scottish but my name comes from my Dad who is an Italian migrant from Tuscany and I'm named after my paternal grandmother.

My singing career began as a child but it was years later while bringing up my children and working as a gardener/handywoman at Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland , that I took music seriously and first learned the rudiments of guitar playing. It lead me to busking in Glasgow, that in turn lead to a 6 year magical, musical odyssey around the UK.

The adventure introduced me to many interesting people who encouraged me. Once on hearing me sing a gay millionaire hired me to sing and play guitar at his parties. Twice a year he would fly me down to his 16th century farmhouse in Sussex where I would perform my music sitting on a massive kitchen table surrounded by his friends. The next day the party would drift to his pleasure steamer on a lake at the bottom of his garden.

On returning to Scotland I settled in my home town of Glasgow and became a radio presenter of a live 2 hour weekly programme at 'Sunny Govan Radio,' a popular community radio station. Further encouragement to focus on music came via David Bowie who on hearing my recording of his song 'Heroes,' gave me permission to use my rendition for a charity fundraiser. A very special moment came when I was invited to sing at an 'Exchange of Gifts' ceremony at Gal Gael Glasgow when the Lakota Sioux came to Glasgow to collect their Ghost Shirt that had been taken from the massacre at Wounded Knee and brought as a souvenir to Scotland, I exchanged the gift of song with the tribal representatives.

Since those wild and wonderful days I've been fortunate enough to work with some good people. Musicians like; Kenny Hyslop, ex 'Slik', 'Set the Tone' and 'K Trouble as well as performing and recording with 'The Carlton Jug Band'. My influences are many, particularly our unsung heroes, but musicians such as: Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Levon Helm, The Staple Singers, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Bob Dylan, The Who, Luciano Pavarotti, Jackie Kerr, Stone Roses, Stevie Wonder & all things soulful and good has left an indelible mark on my soul.

Currently I sing and play mandolin with 'The Veranda Band' a good time alternative country band. I've also been recording and singing my own songs with 'Dave Shannon.' In between times, I'm a scotsmusic cronie, a hutter in the Old Kilpatrick hills, a female warrior of the soul and a dog walker.

Enjoy my music. For further information: